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Dan Tyminski & Ronnie Bowman, Sara Watkins, Mountain Heart, Eric Johnson and Elise Davis on Mountain Stage

Week after December 22, 2017

Dan Tyminski & Ronnie Bowman
Sara Watkins
Mountain Heart
Eric Johnson
Elise Davis






Elise Davis

Make the Kill



Pretty Girl



I Just Want Your Love


Mountain Heart

Blue Skies



The Bad Grounds



Miss Me When I’m Gone



Reelin’ in the Years


Eric Johnson

Mrs. Robinson



My Finest Champion



Under the Sun



Once Upon a Time in Texas


Sara Watkins

One Last Time



Like New Year’s Day



Young in all the Wrong Ways






Move Me


Dan Tyminski and Ronnie Bowman

Hold Whatcha Got



Old Love Affair



Long Gone



Bury Me Beneath the Willow



Livin’ the Life



Left this Country Boy



Man of Constant Sorrow


Larry Groce & Co.

I’ll Fly Away

Originally Broadcast November 4th, 2016​

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