Week after November 26th, 2021

Chuck Prophet

Kim Richey

S.G. Goodman

Sierra Ferrell

Podcast Only *

Hour: 1

S.G. Goodman

Old Time Feeling

The Way I Talk

Big Girl Now

Red Bird Morning

Kitchen Floor *

Space and Time

Julie Adams

These Times We're Living In

Kim Richey

Something Good *

Whistle on Occasion

Pin a Rose

Wreck Your Wheels

I'm Alright

Straight as the Crow Flies

Hour: 2

Sierra Ferrell

Give it Time

Why'd You Do It

New West Virginia Waltz *


I'd Do it Again

Made Like That *

Why Haven't You Loved Me *

The Bells of Every Chapel

Bob Thompson

Mr. Bojangles

Chuck Prophet

High as Johnny Thunders

Willie and Nilli


Best Shirt *


Love Doesn't Come From the Barrel of a Gun

Summertime Thing

Larry Groce & Company

Georgia on a Fast Train