What is Mountain Stage?

Mountain Stage is a two hour live performance radio program that airs on nearly 300 public radio stations across America. Each episode typically features four or five artists, with each artist given roughly the same amount of time to perform, give or take five to ten minutes, unless otherwise stated. The show is recorded live to two track, with as few edits as possible. Chances are you will buy a ticket or tune in for one specific artist and walk away loving another – music discovery – it’s what we do best.

Does that mean Mountain Stage is not just an (insert your favorite musician or band here) concert with four opening acts?

Yes, that is exactly what this means. Tune in on one of our radio affiliates across America to hear examples or download an episode of the Mountain Stage podcast from Apple Podcasts.   

Where is the show?

If you bought tickets online, there was a “Directions” link, complete with a map, on the e-ticket that landed in your inbox. Many, but not all of our shows are at the Culture Center Theater, on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capitol complex, located at the intersection of Greenbrier St & Washington St E, Charleston, WV 25311. If you are unsure about the location of the venue, we suggest that you have your questions answered before you depart, especially if traveling from out of town.

About the Venue: The Culture Center Theater is a state owned and operated facility. No food or beverages are allowed in the theater, and there are no food or drink services available. There are a few restaurants and watering holes within walking distance of the show. Click here for accessibility information.

I’m a musician. What must I do to appear on Mountain Stage?

Appearing on Mountain Stage begins the same way for all our guest artists. Our Host and Artistic Director needs to hear your music. Please send links of where we can hear music to [email protected]. Large files will automatically be returned to the sender. If you prefer to send a hard copy: Mountain Stage, 600 Capitol St. Charleston, WV 25301

After sending your music, please wait. Do not write or call. If we feel like you are a good fit for an upcoming episode we will be in touch. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, only the artists who are invited to be on the show are contacted. Please note that the following submissions are not accepted: single songs, compilations, and holiday music.

It appears that a show I want to attend is sold out. Can I still get tickets?

Sold out means exactly that: we are out of tickets to sell. However, a handful of unclaimed tickets often become available on show day. These extras are always placed on sale at the venue, 5pm, on the day of the show. First come, first served.

When can I hear a certain show on the radio?

Episodes of Mountain Stage are typically broadcast about a month after they are recorded, give or take. You can always view our complete and up-to-date broadcast schedule on the Mountain Stage website. Airtimes vary by station, so check your local station’s schedule to confirm.

Can I get a copy of a certain show? Can you help me name that tune / artist? 

If you are looking for something you heard on the radio this week, you may find what you’re looking for in our broadcast listings. If you’re looking for something you heard on the radio a few weeks ago, check out the podcast page. That’s where radio shows go to live the good life.

Mountain Stage does not sell recordings of past shows or individual songs. We’re working slowly but diligently on digitizing our entire 30+ year archive. It’s a major undertaking, so chances are, if you don’t see the episode you’re looking for on our podcast page, it’s not available for download yet.

How can I see the lineup and location of every Mountain Stage show recorded?

We invite you to check out our searchable PDF that lists our entire live show history. If you’re trying to figure out the name of a guest artist you heard or saw on Mountain Stage, this is a great place to start.