Week after December 2nd, 2022

Drive-By Truckers

Paul Kelley

Daniel Norgren

Jessica Lee Mayfield

James Maddock


Hour: 1

James Maddock

I Can't Settle

The Mathematician

Another Life

Beautiful Now

Julie Adams

Runnin' Down a Dream

Daniel Norgren

I'm a Welder

Moonshine Got Me

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Bum Me Out


Offa My Hands

Hour: 2

Paul Kelly

Life is Fine


Letter in the Rain

My Man's Got a Cold

Rising Moon

Firewood and Candles

Drive-By Truckers

Guns of Umpqua

Ramon Casiano

The Perilous Night

Once They Banned Imagine

What it Means

Surrender Under Protest

Larry Groce & Company

Free Fallin'