Week after January 6th, 2023

Matthew E. White

Bendigo Fletcher

Andrea Von Kampen

William Matheny

Tall Tall Trees

Podcast Only *

Hour: 1

Tall Tall Trees

Expectations *

You and Isolation

Say Something Real

Julie Adams

Some of Shelly's Blues

Andrea von Kampen

Take Back Thy Gift

That Spell

Hard Times Come Again No More

Wedding Song

Let Me Down Easy

William Matheny

Late Blooming Forever

Every Way to Lose *

Stranger's Voice

Bird of Youth

Hour: 2

Bendigo Fletcher

Chocolate Garden

Sugar in the Creek

Astro Pup


To the Red River

Bob Thompson

The Magic in Your Heart *

Matthew E. White

Genuine Hesitation

Electric *


Hedged in Darkness

Let's Ball

Kathy Mattea & Company

West Virginia My Home