Week after August 4th, 2023

John Fullbright

Willi Carlisle

Matt the Electrician

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller

Martha Scanlan & Jon Neufeld

*Podcast Only

Hour: 1

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller

My Old Friends

While You're Gone*

Fine Times At Our House

My Better Years

Run Ruthie Run

Julie Adams

When I Go Away*

Matt The Electrician

Night Owls

Big Changes*




Martha Scanlan and Jon Neufeld

I'm As High As A Summer Breeze

Turning The Corner

In Between

Guardaian Angel

Hour: 2

Willi Carlisle

Tulsa's Last Magician

Este Mundo

The Ballad of Penny Evans

Peculiar, Missouri

Bob Thompson

Queen Street Blues*

John Fullbright

When You're Here

The Liar

Unlocked Doors*

Poster Child


Kathy Mattea & Company

Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way