Week after June 16th, 2023

Robert Earl Keen

Dedicated Men of Zion

Joshua Hedley

Brennen Leigh

Podcast Only *

Hour: 1

Joshua Hedley

Old Heartbroke Blues

Country and Western

Mr. Jukebox

Weird Thought Thinker

Neon Blue

Bob Thompson

Try a Little Tenderness *

Dedicated Men of Zion

The Devil Don't Like It

God's Got His Eyes on You *

You Don't Know

Guide Me

Brennen Leigh

Steam Thresher's Reunion

If Tommy Duncan's Voice was Booze

Tell Him I'm Dead

Obsessed with the West

Prairie Funeral

Hour: 2

Julie Adams

(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

Robert Earl Keen

For Love

The Man Behind the Drums

Mr. Wolf and Mamabear

Runnin' with the Night *

Feelin' Good Again

Gringo Honeymoon

The Coming Home of the Son and the Brother

The Road Goes on Forever

From Clare to Here *

I'm Coming Home

Larry Groce & Company

Hard Travelin'