Week after August 12th, 2022

The SteelDrivers

Pokey LaFarge

Stephanie Lambring

Seth Glier

Yasmin Williams

Podcast Only *


Hour: 1

Stephanie Lambring

Little White Lies

Mr. Wonderful



Julie Adams

Don't Know Where I Am

Seth Glier

Poison in the Roots

The Coronation

Somebody Break My Heart

If it Wasn't for You

Yasmin Williams

Juvenescence *

On a Friday Night

Through the Woods

Hour: 2

Pokey LaFarge

Get it 'Fore it's Gone

I Wanna Be Your Man

Fine to Me *

There's Always More

Something in the Water

When Did You Leave Heaven?

Bob Thompson

Lulu's Back in Town *

The SteelDrivers

I Choose You

The Bartender *

Lonely and Being Alone

Glad I'm Gone

Hadn't Been for Love

Ghosts of Mississippi

Blue Side of the Mountain

Kathy Mattea & Company

Standing on Shaky Ground