Week after July 15th, 2022

Todd Snider

Kathleen Edwards

Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill

Sunny War

The Accidentals

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Hour: 1

The Accidentals

Might As Well Be Gold

Go Better *


The Line

Julie Adams

Love Is *

Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neil

In The Game


These are the Days *

Are We Free

Miss Me When I'm Gone


Sunny War

Can I Sit with You *

She Just Don't Care

Age of a Man

Lucid Lucy

Hour: 2

Kathleen Edwards

Options Open

Simple Math *


6 O'clock News

Hard on Everyone

Bob Thompson

Well You Needn't *

Todd Snider

I Can't Complain

Rose City Blues

Just Like Old Times

Working on a Song *

Handsome John

Roman Candles

Better Than Ever Blues Part 2

Kathy Mattea & Co.

It's All Over Now